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Add Audio and/or Visual Engagement for your Website Visitors

Without Changing Your Website

Voice-overs are a very effective first step in eliminating a silent site such as yours. Your challenge is to get your visitor’s attention quickly. A friendly voice on your site speaking words that you script (with our help, if needed) immediately engages your visitors and customers. These spoken words, instead of silence, will reach out and grab your visitors and customers, giving them  reason to stay on your site and be guided to where you want them to go.

We offer four (4) ways to give voice to your website:

  1. Text-to-speech presents an electronic voice with a choice of male or female presenter.
  2. MP3 audio file gives you the power to have anyone you choose, including yourself, deliver the greeting/information
  3. Professional voice-over presents your information in very high quality and style by male or female actors
  4. Foreign language voice-over is available in certain languages, allowing tremendous business growth potential, male or female presenter

Visual images in text or graphic form can be used alone or with our voice-overs, characters and buttons. Visual images are a great way to instantly connect and engage your visitors and customers. They can highlight existing text on your website, add key messages or words very effectively, and are super entertaining.

Visual images are a dynamic way to bring attention to a special offer, discount, new menu item or to make your calls to action more obvious. Or they can just add excitement to your site, encouraging your visitors to share their experience with friends.

Both of these marketing tools, whether used separately or together, give you a very effective new way to market your restaurant to your website’s visitors and customers… to engage them and glue them to your site…  and keep them coming back. With distinctly different looks and offers each time they return. All this with no changes to your original website.


Contact or call him at 1-800-431-6657 and have a really great conversation on  how DCPros can transform your silent site into the restaurant website that’s the talk of your town.  

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