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Floating Call To Action Buttons
With A timer Delay

Without Changing Your Website

Digital Creator Pros has created a marketing program for your restaurant’s website that allows you to add time delayed Floating Call to Action buttons that can change your entire presentation and conversion results for your visitors and customers.

People basically come to your restaurant’s website for specific things. To find your location, your days and hours open, to peruse the menu, your phone number and other information that would entice them to come to your restaurant.

But every visitor and customer that comes to your restaurant’s website should also be attracted to, guided to and motivated to click the Call to Action button on your site.  A click that allows the conversion you want to take place.


Maybe you have a CTA button that’s not doing its job. It may be in the wrong place, hidden in text, or not compelling enough to engage your guest.  Or maybe you don’t really have a Call to Action button on your website at all.

DCPros can place clear, concise CTA buttons on any page of your website that will allow you to guide your visitors and customers to where you want them to go. Send them to your menu, to a free coupon, to your phone number (click to call) or any other action you might want them to commit to.  Each button allows you an opportunity to convert your visitor.

These buttons can be used as a separate marketing tool or in conjunction with voice-over, visual imaging or 3D characters that will direct your visitors and customers to these highly effective CTA buttons.

And each time your visitors  or customers return to your website, a different button or set of buttons can be presented to them. What an opportunity to offer your online guests great deals and  incentives to keep them coming back again and again!

All this without changing your existing website.

Please contact Gary at 1-800-431-6657 or and have a great conversation about this truly unique opportunity to add so much marketing power to your website, make your restaurant’s website the most talked about in your town, all without changing your existing great website.


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